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Current and future growth in digital production printing is in data & intelligence driven personalized printed Customer Engagement that connects and improves every interaction the Customer has with the Brand.

Printed Documents of One deliver highly personalized communications and experiences that increases brand affiliation.

Digital Printed Communication- Documents of One - drives
- Brand Loyalty strategies that predict and personalize rewards, recommendations and promotion
- Brand Lifecycle Marketing strategies that deliver highly relevant communications to retain and grow Customer value
- Brand buying strategies that remove friction and help build seamless Customer journeys

Automated production of personalized Documents of One drives print volumes and accelerates sales of Production Presses and Printing Systems.

Legacy Enterprise Applications have generated and archived billions of transaction PDF files with trillions of variable-page-layout records. It will continues to generate PDF files far into the future. These are output of brittle applications which cannot be easily modified to include say Intelligent Mail Barcodes or include new dynamic overlays - PDF images - sheet-by-sheet.

SmartPDFPrintware enables end-to-end solution that bridges the presses and printed output. It helps print providers reach new heights of production. It increases print volumes and system sales without increasing support staff overhead.

It's ability to increase production volume and expand into new print offerings comes with the peace of mind that scalability is built into SmartPDFPrintware.

Intelligent SmartPDFPrintware empowers prepress operators to set up wide variety of new short-run jobs quickly for automated production without waiting for any script or program development, significantly reducing turnaround times and cost of prepress setups.

To realize full benefits of latest digital production presses, using SmartPDFPrintware, a prepress operator can easily enhance legacy transaction PDF files, by adding text, barcodes, and images; and set it up to print exception pages on variably pulled mixed-media, and finish its variable page-layout subsets; enabling automated bespoke document production on presses.

Transaction PDF files generated by legacy Enterprise Applications does not contain Document Part structures that identifies start and end of a chapter, record, set or subset. These brittle applications are not going to produce output in PDF/VT or in PDF 2.0 format, any time soon.

To boost print volumes and system sales, system manufacturers could offer SmartPDFPrintware which enables a prepress operator to easily and quickly identify Document Parts for fast turnaround of short-runs of customer data driven Documents of One.

Data and rules driven intelligent automation methods in SmartPDFPrintware can dynamically determine variable Document Parts. This is then used to enhance each Document Part by adding Objects (text, barcode, image), and for each part, select media, and finish required. SmartPDFPrintware turns ordinary PDF into high-value output - Documents of One - prized by print buyers.

As operator navigates sequentially through job specific menus to configure workflow, SmartPDFPrintware builds conditional rules for intelligent automation.

Operator defined rules are saved in a workflow automation configuration file.

During automated hot folder driven production, SmartPDFPrintware reads the rules saved during the setup and apply those rules to the current PDF; the resultant information is used to dynamically generate work-specific JDF job ticket with variable print and finish instructions.

SmartPDFPrintware would be a valuable addition to print provider's solutions portfolio. It is an intelligent all-in-one universal print workflow automation software solution with most-in-demand user friendly methods and tools that print providers are seeking to automate production of Documents of One.

SmartPDFPrintware plug-ins have been developed for all major print controllers and servers currently in use throughout the industry. These plug-ins dynamically generates print server specific JDF job tickets.

To remain viable in fiercely competitive environment, print providers want to produce Documents of One quickly and easily. With ever decreasing margins, print provider cannot afford to employ software engineers just to develop one-off custom print programs for every new trans-promo mail marketing document production job they receive.

SmartPDFPrintware reduces pre-press delays, reduces workflow friction, eliminates workflow jams, bottlenecks, and backlogs, and eliminates headaches both for print providers.

Without SmartPDFPrintware, print provider will be required to develop custom programs that extracts information from PDF files and manipulates it. The custom programs are developed using scripting tools such as Adobe Acrobat SDK. Most print providers lack advanced programming skills and knowhow required to design and develop PDF print workflow automation programs. Also, shrinking turnaround times and paper thin margins precludes hiring outside software engineering consultants for short run jobs.

There is not a single software solution from any vendor anywhere that can match power, ease of use, and print automation capabilities of SmartPDFPrintware to produce personalized Documents of One.

For a print provider to acquire and retain customers for life, they must feel empowered to take on short-run high value variable document production jobs without relying on outside consultants.

It takes many days, and weeks of many iterations and changes before custom script based solution starts producing desired output on the presses. Print Buyers are not willing to wait days, and weeks for short run jobs and pay a premium for it.

Heavy reliance on custom script based solutions reduces clicks, and document production. It results in reduced profits for the Print Providers.

Once a Print Provider becomes familiar with SmartPDFPrintware automation methods they are reluctant to switch to a solution that calls for custom software development.

Request SmartPDFPrintware for free 30-Day on-site trial

  • PDF Workflow Automation Configurator
    • Large PDF Files with Thousands of Variable-Page-Count Records
      • Automatically Identify Variable-Page-Count Single-Record Sets
        • New Set - Start Face Up
        • On Odd Page Count add Blank Page
        • Sort
          • by Page Count
          • LT or EQ n page count
        • Impose Variable Sets
        • Add Objects to Set
        • Select Set
          • Media
          • Sides
          • Finishing
        • Insert into Set
          • Tabs
          • Slip Sheets
          • Pre-printed Sheets
        • Set-Specific Variable File Name
        • Set Copies
        • Set selective printing
        • Export Addresses to CSV for Intelligent Mail
        • Automatically Identify Variable-Page-Count Subsets in each Set
          • Select Subset
            • Media
            • Sides
            • Finish
          • Insert
            • Tabs
            • Pre-printed Sheets
          • Automatically Identify Print Exception Pages in each Subset
            • Select Print Exception
              • Media
              • Sides
              • Finish
      • Split to Chunks
    • Multiple PDF Files
      • Mixed-Page-Sizes
        • Intelligently
          • Mixed-Media Tray pulls
          • Printing Sides
          • Finish
      • Intelligently insert Pages from source PDF into destination PDF
      • Automatically Merge PDFs
        • Intelligently Group varying PDFs into a Set
          • Impose Sets
          • Enhance PDFs - Add Objects
          • Insert into Sets
      • Intelligently insert Pages from source PDF into destination PDF
    • Bookmarks
      • Indent Level
        • Insert
          • Tabs
            • Media
            • Sides
            • Color
            • Variable Text
        • Jog Offset
    • Enhance PDFs
      • Intelligent Mail
        • Export Addresses to CSV for Verification
        • Sides
        • Color
        • Variable Text
      • Add Objects
      • Impose
    • Replace PDF pages
    • Extract PDF pages
    • Delete PDF pages
    • Gunther Replacement
    • Variable Imposition
      • Booklet2Up
      • Booklet4Up
      • CutAndStack
      • NUp
      • Sequential
      • Sheetwise
      • StepAndRepeat
      • WorkAndTurn
    • Enhance PDF Files - Add Objects
      • Text
        • PageMofN
        • BlankPageNotice
        • OpticalMark
        • Stamp
        • Watermark
      • Barcode
        • Code3of9
        • IntelligentMail(IMB)
        • DataMatrix(ECC200)
        • PDF417
        • QRCode(ECC200)
      • Image
        • Logo
        • Background
        • Watermark
  • The Jobs
    • Benefit Enrollment Booklets
    • Conference Binders
    • Customized Survey Booklets
    • High End Sales Collateral
    • Invoices
    • Insurance Policies
    • Legal Brief Binders
    • Personalized Benefit Guides
    • Personalized Brochures
    • Personalized Welcome Kits
    • Engineering Service Manuals
    • Statements
    • Student Course Packs
    • Training Manuals
    • Voting Poll Books
    • ...and more
  • Intelligent SmartPDFPrintware
    • Patented Automation Methods
      • Text On Page
      • File Name
      • Position
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Designed for Pre-press Operator
    • Dynamic variable document production controlled by information, data in the PDF
  • Automates workflow on
    • Canon
      • PRISMAsync Controller powered systems
      • PRISMAproduction Server powered systems
      • EFI Fiery powered systems
      • Production Printing Presses
        • Canon varioPRINT 135 120 110 Series
        • Canon varioPRINT 140 130 115 Series
        • Océ ColorStream 6000 Series
        • Océ JetStream Dual Series
        • Océ JetStream Wide Series
        • Océ ProStream 1000 Inkjet Series
        • Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN Series
        • Océ VarioPrint i-series
        • Océ VarioStream 4000 Series
        • Océ VarioStream 8000 Series
        • Canon imagePRESS 1110+ Series
        • Canon imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP Series
        • Canon imagePRESS C60 Color Digital Press
        • Canon imagePRESS C65 Series
        • Canon imagePRESS C650 Series
    • Xerox
      • FreeFlow powered systems
      • FreeFlow/Fiery powered systems
      • EFI Fiery powered systems
      • Production Printing Presses
        • Xerox Iridesse Production Press
        • Xerox Versant 180 Press
        • Xerox Versant 3100 Press
        • Xerox iGen 5 Press
        • Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press
        • Xerox Nuvera 1XX EA Series
        • Xerox Nuvera 100 MX
        • Xerox Nuvera 120 MX
        • Xerox Nuvera 144 MX
        • Xerox Nuvera 200/288 MX
        • Xerox Nuvera 200/288/314 EA
        • Xerox D136
        • Xerox Color C60/C70
        • Xerox D95A/D110/D125
        • Color 800i/1000i Presses
        • Fujifilm J Press 720S
    • Ricoh
      • EFI Fiery powered systems
      • TotalFlow powered systems
      • Production Printing Presses
        • Pro C7100/Pro C7100X Series
        • Pro C9100/Pro C9110
        • Pro C7200 Series
        • Pro C9200/Pro C9210
        • Pro C7200 Graphic Arts Edition Series
        • Pro 8200s
        • Pro C5200s/Pro C5210s
        • Pro VC60000
        • Pro VC40000
        • IP5000GP/IP5000MP
    • Konica Minolta
      • EFI Fiery powered systems
      • Ninja Server powered systems
      • Production Printing Presses