PDF Print Workflow Automation Solution  
  • Eables Data and Rules Driven Conditional Variable Complex Document Production
  • Eliminates Manual Programming of Page Exceptions, Manual Collation of Complex Jobs and One-off Postscript Print Program
  • Turns Digital Presses and Printers into Automated Variable Complex Document Production Systems
  • Many timesaving features and automation methods of SmartPDFPrintware are distinct, offering capabilities and benefits beyond those offered by current workflow automation solutions.
  • There is not a single off the shelf PDF print automation solution from any vendor on this Earth that can match power, flexibility, versatility, price and performance of SmartPDFPrintware. None! We challenge you to find one.
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  IBM iSeries, AS/400 Spool to PDF  
Download SBTN3812-SCS2PDF-eFormServer
Download SBTN3812-SCS2PDF-eFormPrinter
Download SBTN3812-SCS2PDF-SPMD
  • SBTN3812 is an iSeries Virtual Printer.
  • It transforms all iSeries OS/400 spool files to Adobe Acrobat PDF Files.
  • Its integrated emailer emails PDF files out.
  • SBTN3812 runs on Windows PC.
  • From a user's point of view, SBTN3812 looks like a SCS System Printer (IBM 3812-1 Printer). You can continue to use CRTPRTF, CHGPRTF, OVRPRTF, CHGSPLFA, WRKOUTQ, WRKSPLF etc. on 5250 Green Screen to print reports for automatic transformation to PDF and email.
  • SBTN3812, when run, telnets to iSeries OS/400 with a device name. In turn, OS/400 Telnet Server
    1. Creates a Virtual Printer Device with specified name
    2. Creates an output queue with specified name and
    3. Starts a printer writer with specified name.
  • When a spooled file with ready (RDY) status is moved to this output queue, printer writer will start sending the spooled file to SBTN3812 for transformation to PDF and emailing. PDFs are saved on local or network disk drive.
  • PDF produced by SBTN3812 is text-based, fully navigatable, and high-performance. This means that the output data encoded in EBCDIC is converted to ASCII but remains data, not a bitmap.


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