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upto 256 Virtual Printers active at one time
i.e. upto 256 Output Queues active at one time
one PDFeForms per Virtual Printer - Output Queue
i.e. support for upto 256 PDFeForms.
Totally Automated Processing of OS/400 Spool Files
Ability to save OS/400 reports in unlimited number of unique, separate directories, folders.
Directory path generated dynamically from line data.
i.e. D:\LaundryInvoices\SacredHeartHospital\2003\03\3789\AcmeLaundryInvoice_SacredHeartHospital_3789_03062003.pdf
Up load PDF reports to Network Drive with UserName, Password protected folders.
Benefits are maintain confidentiality of reports. Publish PDF documents on internet, intranet.
And much, much more...
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