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Xerox PDF Print Production Automation Solution
Variable XPIF Job Tickets for Variable Print Exceptions
IBM AS/400, iSeries, Series i Solution
Spool File to PDF Transformer, Converter
Within 10 minutes, enables automatic print production of Variable PDF Jobs with Variable Print Exceptions: Page Exception Tray Pulls, Tab and Sleep Sheet insertions, Subset Stapling.

While reducing costs and increasing pre-press efficiencies, SmartPDFPrintware enables faster turn around of PDF jobs on Xerox iGen4, iGen3, DocuColor, DocuTech, Nuvera, 41XX and DocuPrint.

Dynamically generates variable XPIF job tickets for Xerox FreeFlow Print Server and Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP, enabling complex output with multiple tray pulls, subset stapling.

SmartPDFPrintware complements and augments Xerox Freeflow Process Manager and Xerox Freeflow Makeready.

SmartPDFPrintware does not require you to hire Printing System Consultants or Computer Programmers to make it operational. No matter how complex the PDF print job may be, Xerox Production System Operator, using intuitive SmartPDFPrintware graphical user interface, can complete pre-press workflow automation setup within 10 minutes or less. This makes you independent and empowers you to accept high value added jobs, turn it around faster, increasing return on investment and better bottom line.
IBM AS/400 SBTN3812 Print Clients PDFeFormPrinter™ and PDFeFormServer™ enable conversion of spool files to PDF documents. It is lightning fast. It converts 50,000 page spool file to PDF in about 22 minutes. SBTN3812 starts an AS/400 virtual system printer session so that you can "print to PDF" converting AS/400 reports, invoices, statements, financial reports, and more. You can email these PDF documents or save it in shared network folders for Web or client access.

o SBTN3812 is an iSeries Virtual Printer.
o It transforms all iSeries OS/400 spool files to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.
o Its integrated emailer emails PDF documents out.
o SBTN3812 runs on Windows PC.
o SBTN3812 emulates a SCS System Printer (IBM 3812-1 Printer).
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