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Patented Technology in SmartPDFPrintware Enables Automated PDF Print Production
Breakthrough Print Automation Solution One and Only PDF Print Automation Solution Patented Print Workflow Automation Technology Automates in less than 10 Minutes
PDF is the de-facto standard for high-quality document print production. SmartPDFPrintware is the PDF print automation solution to automate, within ten mintes of receiving it, production of complex PDF print jobs with Variable Print Exceptions.
There is not a single off the shelf PDF print automation solution from any vendor anywhere that can match power, flexibility, ease of use, versatility, price, and performance of SmartPDFPrintware. None! We challenge you to find it.
Innovative technology in SmartPDFPrintware is covered by US Patent 7855799 and UK Patent GB2458056. Other US and foreign patents are pending. These are powerful, comprehensive, and far reaching patents covering important core print workflow automation technologies.
SmartPDFPrintware enables production of electronically collated complex variable printed output with a one time setup that takes less than 10 minutes by automatically generating XPIF and JDF job tickets with variable print instructions.
SmartPDFPrintware is covered by following Patents
US Patent 7855799
UK Patent GB2458056
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