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SmartPDFPrintware Automates Variable PDF Print Production in less than 10 minutes on
Xerox iGen4 EXP Press, Xerox iGen4 Digital Press, and Xerox iGen4 220 Perfecting Press
SmartPDFPrintware eliminates need to design and develop custom, one-off print programs to generate Xerox XPIF job tickets with variable printing instructions. Also, eliminates need for computer programmers, and outside consultants; making you independent to quickly automate printing of complex jobs within 10 minutes of receiving it.
SmartPDFPrintware eliminates PDF to Postscript conversion just to insert Postscript "setpagedevice" print control commands in the data stream. Postscript programming is a dying art. Computer programmers who know Postscript are hard to find. Also, many PDF documents loose fidelity when these are converted to Postscript. SmartPDFPrintware does not convert PDF to any intermediate file format; PDF documents retains its original format.
SmartPDFPrintware automatically pulls media from multiple trays by dynamically generating Xerox XPIF job tickets with variable media multiple-tray-pull print instructions, eliminating manual collation of Mixed-Media jobs. No matter how complex the job, it can be setup in less than 10 minutes for automatic touch-less print production.
SmartPDFPrintware eliminates pre-press page-by-page manual setups carried out in a typical Make-Ready Software Solution supplied by Printing System vendor. Using SmartPDFPrintware, job setup involving hundres of print exceptions in tens of thousands of pages takes less than 10 minutes vs. hours and days with a Make-Ready Solution.
Immediate Results
Right out-of-the-box, SmartPDFPrintware is ready to automate production of most print jobs within minutes of installing it. Most operators learn easy-to-use SmartPDFPrintware in about four hours. SmartPDFPrintware does not require analysts or consultants to make it operational to implement automated print production.
Automates Pre-Press Steps
SmartPDFPrintware intuitive Graphical User Interface enables you to use attributes of PDF, to define in less than 10 minutes, conditional-rules that triggers automatic Xerox XPIF job ticket programming with variable print exceptions, enabling automated production of complex print jobs.
Turns Jobs Around Quickly
Once the job is setup, you can use powerful, automated print production system in SmartPDFPrintware to turn around jobs 24x7 without operator intervention.
Fast Return On Investment
SmartPDFPrintware is a comprehensive, all-in-one, PDF print production automation solution. It enables you to process jobs more quickly at lower cost, improving your bottom line. You can always significantly improve efficiency of your operation by implementing SmartPDFPrintware.
SmartPDFPrintware Features and Benefits Xerox iGen4
Patented Technology Enables Automated PDF Print Production
Dynamically Generates Variable Xerox XPIF Job Tickets
Rules-Driven, Variable PDF Print Job Automation Methods
  • SmartPDFPrintware seemlessly works with Xerox iGen4 digital front end controller Xerox FreeFlow Print Server .
  • SmartPDFPrintware accelerates print volumes on Xerox iGen4 by dynamically generating Xerox XPIF job tickets with job appropriate printing instructions.
  • Seeing is believing. Go for no-cost, free 30-day onsite trial on SmartPDFPrintware. We provide you unlimited support to setup workflow to automatically produce your job on your Xerox iGen4. There are no watermarks on the printed output.
Variable Mixed-Media Selection and Printing
Exception Page Variable Mixed-Media Tray-Pulls
Variable Mixed-Plex Printing
Slip Sheet and Tab Insertion at Variable Locations within Job
Variable Subset Finishing - Stapling, Punching, Folding, Booklet Making
Automatically Collated Sets of Multiple PDF Files
Intelligently Split a Large PDF File into Variable Length Sets
Intelligently Merge Multiple PDF Files into One PDF
Intelligent, Variable Imposition of PDF Documents
Hot Folder watcher enabled PDF Print Workflow Automation
Automated, Multi-Step, Mutiple Hot Folder controlled PDF Print Workflow Automation Pipelines
Powerful Add-On Modules
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