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Personalized Marketing
Presenting business and consumer customers with appropriately targeted content and alerts while they are engaged in online self-service and direct mail print increases revenue and customer satisfaction. The likelihood that a customer will respond to a message increases in direct proportion to how targeted that message it to each particular customer.
Personalized marketing is the goal of many enterprises as they look for ways to successfully convey brand image, increase revenues and retain their most profitable customers. How can marketing organizations use customer service interactions to develop personalized messages that address individual interests and needs? What technology does the enterprise need to leverage customer service data in the marketing environment?
For many enterprises, mass marketing is losing its appeal. Consumers are saturated with messages and are tuning them out. For example, 81% of Americans have seen or heard an ad for prescription drugs, but only 22% believe these ads help direct discussions with their doctors. Even the ability to reach customers through mass-market channels is quickly declining, such as television where ad viewing is expected to decline 19% by 2007 (Forrester Research).
In response, marketing organizations are turning to personalization as the marketing strategy of choice in which messages, offers and content are tailored to a specific individual or group. They recognize that personalization can yield high levels of customer loyalty because consumers value the enterprise that makes them feel understood and individually important.


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